What is ChalShire?

Here at ChalShire, we love storytelling. Tropes, characters, plot: these are some of the things we love to discuss and analyze. Our goals are pretty simple. We want to understand a story’s meaning. We want to know what makes a good story work. We want to learn how storytellers can innovate and move forward in the next generation of narratives. By analyzing stories across all of media, from the present to the past, we believe these goals can be achieved.

But analyzing existing stories isn’t enough. We also produce original projects, such as short films and documentaries, hoping to contribute new content and ideas to the storytelling landscape.

What does the name mean?

ChalShire combines the names of two incredibly important locations in fiction. ‘Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina’ in Star Wars, and ‘The Shire’ of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. These places marked where two remarkable stories began to take shape – Luke Skywalker’s quest to defeat the galactic Empire, and Frodo’s journey to vanquish the One Ring. They both began two of the most beloved stories in fiction. By paying homage to them with the name ChalShire, we hope to mark the beginning of many new adventures in storytelling.

The Owner

I’m Joseph, the founder and main creator of ChalShire. I’m a small content creator looking to make it in the field of film production. For now, I make analytical videos, essays, and podcast episodes where my colleagues and I dive into the many realms of storytelling. I’m also working on some small, independent, and original projects, such as short films and documentaries.

Read my posts on this page and check out my weekly videos on YouTube. Also, feel free to follow me on my socials below. Finally, please consider contributing to my Patreon page. Every little bit helps and I would really appreciate it. Thanks!