ChalShire is Back

Since my most recent job required a large amount of both time commitment and travel, I had to put my essays and analyses on pause. Now, with a new job and much more time on the side, I am back to create more content.

This will be a great time for me to examine the early catalog of my work and see how I can improve. I have begun this process, and I believe upcoming content will be more polished and analytical because of it. I am also hoping to get a regular schedule firmly established, with a Sagathon episode and a video each week, and a new essay or article every few days.

Sagathon is going to be very different. Rather than the casual discussion format of the first run, Sagathon will now be split up into seasons, with each season having its own theme. Each episode then, provides a detailed and humorous exploration of a person, place, artwork, or event related to that theme. The subject is then cataloged in the Sagateca.

I hope to get ChalShire up and running with my regular schedule as we go into March. Thanks for reading.

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