Charlie’s Angels and More Pointless Reboots

Another week goes by, and we have even more money reboots on the way from the uncreative Hollywood conveyor belt. We’ve gotten news on Disney’s live-action remakes of The Little Mermaid and Mulan, showing that The Walt Disney Company won’t stop until every single classic Disney cartoon is simply remade. With Aladdin closing in on 1 billion dollars, and The Lion King sure to make that mark as well, it seems that the movie-going public wants these nostalgia trips rather than original films, so expect this trend to continue.

I’m going to be covering this topic more and more as I continue to produce content as I think its very important in the world of storytelling today. Just last week, a Charlie’s Angels remake trailer dropped. It was just another example of the unoriginal tendencies continuing in the film industry. I reviewed the trailer on my channel, and you can check it out here. 

Overall, I think these reboots and remakes and sequels come at the oppurtunity cost of original films that could have been great. We’ll see how this films turn out, but don’t be surprised if studios end up regretting not taking any risks.


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