Channel Update: Still Stuck in the Pipeline


I have big plans for this project moving forward. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to act on those plans so far. Other stuff has gotten in the a way and dedicating some time to content has been harder than expected. There were a lot of videos, originals, and articles I wanted to work on. Additionally, I’ve had other projects and work outside of ChalShire. It’s all added up and put me behind. I’ve got a lot of stuff in the pipeline, and it’s been stuck there, so to speak. Recently, however, I’m starting to get more serious. I’m managing my time, I’m journaling, I’m working on my projects, and overall, I’m just trying to keep the channel moving along. I want this channel to be an outlet for me, and I want it to find a good audience. That’s why you’ll see some various types of content up in the future. I think that changing things up will help me develop as a creator, as well as find out what does well, and what I like making best. So, here is some of the diverse content you will see throughout the coming weeks.

Discussion and Video Essays

I want to keep ChalAnalysis and Shireside Chats going. You’ll see more Chats up first, since they are quicker and easier to make. The Analysis videos are still forthcoming, but they do take a bit more time. However, there will be at least one in the coming weeks. It’s about Avengers: Endgame and how a certain character says his own name. I’m excited to do more work on that, but in the meantime, expect some Chats on movies and comics.

Solo Podcast Episodes


I haven’t been able to get an in person guest. That’s OK. It’s forced me to think about podcast alternatives. One such being, recording episodes with me, myself, and I. I was hesitant to doing solo episodes at first, but I now think it will be worth my time to try out. Like all the talk show greats, I’ll be thinking out loud into the microphone. I’ll have some topics prepared, and I’ll always have the internet to look up fuel for discussion. In the meantime, the debut episode is still on YouTube. It’s a great episode, and I highly recommend you click here and listen!

Trending Storytelling Topics

I will be doing some Chats on whatever is in the headlines of the entertainment and publishing industries. More Chats that I can do to add to my library can grow my channel, and I can try to play with it so that I can give it a unique ChalShire Spin.


Believe me, I am not going to become a generic film critic, but reviews of movies, TV, books, and other media are things I can produce quickly and in high quality. Reviews are always in demand on YouTube, and they can grow my library and my channel.

Ouija Board Video

I’m still working on editing my old Ouija Board Gameplay, making it a spoof of unexplained YouTube videos and the vibe around them. That is being written and edited now, and will be out soon.

New Kinds of Blog Posts

I’m going to use the blog for a lot more than just talking about certain stories. I’ll post different discussions, observations, or thoughts that will somehow relate to storytelling and the like. I may try some semi-personal posts, but they will always comeback to storytelling in some way.

Just Create

The biggest thing for me is just to keep creating content. My first products will be my worst, and I must accept that and keep creating to improve. Very few people are seeing my stuff, so I’m not gonna get carried away with pleasing my non-existent audience.

Trying these new things will help out in the long-run

It’s early in the game for me, and I think I will benefit from throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. Keep posted for more updates and for more content coming very soon. Until then, be sure to follow and subscribe. Thanks!

– joseph

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